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Relationship Coach
Relationship Coach

They said I needed a bio, a way to tell you what I do and who I am, so here goes!

So, who am I, I am a Life Coach who has spent his entire life PLAYING BIG, always grabbing the brass ring, always bettering myself for my family, my coworkers and anyone else I can help! I have always had a BIG personality, a BIG thirst for life and a BIG Heart! 

When I decided to become a certified Health and Life coach, I chose HCI, because it is not only an amazing school, but also a community of like-minded heart warriors, who truly believe our life mission is to help people!

At our very first HCI Live conference we did a workshop on PLAYING BIG, and it spoke to directly to my heart!


I knew that was my calling, to help you PLAY BIG, whether it is in your relationship, your career, or just your day-to-day life.


I help you to unleash the power, the love, the joy, and the PASSION that you know is there but you keep bottled up!  

But don’t let my fancy accreditations fool you. I am a son, a father, a husband of 25 years, a proud poppa, a Chef and a very successful entrepreneur who has along with his wife created 6 different streams of income! 

So if PLAYING BIG sounds like something you’d like to do, lets talk, one heart to another!

Life Coach, Business Coach
-Coach Curtis

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